About Steve Snell

A lifelong resident of Pennsylvania, Steve has lived in Windsor Township for 23 years, having moved there from Red Lion Borough. He is proud to call the 94th District his family’s home.

After earning his bachelor’s in sociology, Steve decided to pursue a dream. He took inspiration from his high school social studies teacher, and in 1979 earned his master’s degree in education from Millersville University.


As a high school social studies teacher, he believed in the transformative value of education and taught his students the value of being involved in the community, the importance of civic responsibility and active participation in the democratic process.

“It is those students that I taught who had the power to change their community for the better, as active youth then and working adults with the right to vote now.”

Steve then ran for the Red Lion Area school board to affect positive change in the district, for students, parents, and faculty. He saw the importance of student voices being heard, so he initiated student representation to the board.

“Service on the school board gave me an opportunity to look at curriculum development and work to make sure our schools were performing well, when compared to the rest of the state. This experience will aid me in assessing legislation and making sensible, well-articulated decisions in the State Capitol.”

Steve’s interest in bettering the community has been demonstrated time and time again, and his belief that through public education minds can be changed and developed has remained a number-one priority.


After teaching high school for eight years, Steve served as the Executive Officer of the local REALTORS Association for 30 years, retiring in 2015.

Steve with then-Rep. Kevin Schreiber (PA-95th)

In that position, he oversaw the merger of the York County Association of REALTORS with its Hanover-Adams County counterpart which resulted in the creation of the current REALTORS Association of York & Adams Counties Inc. (RAYAC).

The association is a for-profit corporation and pays taxes, from federal corporate income taxes down to local property taxes. Ten years ago, Steve led the association’s construction of its current office building located behind the HACC campus in the city’s business park.

Being the Executive Officer, Steve was faced with a plethora of difficulties, particularly varying political viewpoints, life beliefs, and outlooks on business priorities.

“I never imposed my personal views on anyone. I have dealt with people from all sides of the political spectrum as a business executive and was able to effectively reach compromise, resolve issues, and make deals on numerous occasions. It has always been my foremost concern for people to understand all sides of the issue and come to a reasonable conclusion.”

He helped establish the association as a strong and responsible corporation by being a flexible, sensible, and strong executive and successfully managing its seven-figure budget and staff of ten.


Steve with his family.

Steve is married to Glenda Snell (formerly Marshall) of New Freedom. They have five children, eleven grandchildren, and a great-grandson. His four daughters graduated from Red Lion Area High School, and they have each earned their college degrees.

His large family has been involved in interfaith outreach and service for many years, and Steve has been involved with his congregation for decades, serving on the board of directors as well as a tenure as his church’s president.

“Faith helps me remain centered on my path and get my priorities in line. Faith, regardless of which, helps to remind you of what to prioritize in your life and what things to step away from. It teaches you to focus less on the material, and more on the spiritual and interpersonal.”

Throughout his life, Steve has been deeply involved in serving the community and believes that one person can, indeed, make a difference. He feels it is his civic responsibility to give time, skills, and resources toward making our area a great place to live.

Among some other community groups Steve Snell has served are the following:


  • York Housing Coalition (formerly York Housing Advisory Commission)
  • South Central Assembly – board of directors and former president
  • York Fresh Food Farms – board of directors
  • Red Lion-Dallastown Rotary Club


  • York County Crimestoppers – 20-year board member & former president
  • York County Economic Development Corp – board of directors
  • Windsor Township Traffic Impact Fee Committee – chairperson
  • Red Lion Communities that Care
  • Downtown York Rotary Club

Steve is running for State House of Representatives to continue his lifelong mission of service and to bring a fresh voice for our 94th District to Harrisburg. He hopes to use his experience as an educator, business executive, and socially involved resident to represent our district constructively and effectually.

We hope that you will join us in helping to elect Steve in November, 2018. Let’s work together to bring transparent, responsive, and fair leadership to the State House.

From #Our94thDistrict,

Steve Snell for PA House Campaign.


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