On Issues

Legislative Reform

Steve believes that political power needs to be returned to the people. The influence of big money, incumbency and extreme partisanship have led to ineffective government. Steve supports term limits, an end to gerrymandering, reducing the size of the General Assembly, a ban on “gifts” to politicians by lobbyists and limiting corporate campaign contributions. Career politicians have focused more on getting re-elected than on addressing our state’s issues. Steve is not looking for a career. He’s already had one. His focus is solely on tackling the challenges that Pennsylvania faces.

Property Tax Reform

For decades, Pennsylvania has struggled with making genuine property tax reform. As the state’s share of the cost of public education has dropped, local property taxes have increased to make up the difference. Too many families, particularly seniors, struggle to keep their homes in the face of rising taxes. Recent legislative changes have only begun to give us the tools to tackle this issue. We need genuine community dialogue as we seek to determine the fairest way to fund our schools. We must ensure that any tax we impose is fair and sensible.